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Customised Cloud-Based
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… we do it your way

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DappleWorks Introduction

DappleWorks is a cloud-based business solution for your way of doing business. Our end-to-end business solutions feature a core Accounting & Finance engine which fully integrates with other operating modules such as Order Management, Inventory, Employee Services, Payroll and Reporting that can be further customised to support your way of business. This agility in DappleWorks assures that our solutions will require minimal change in the way you do your business and can continually grow with your business, as your way of business grows.

DappleWorks cloud business solutions… we do it your way.

With DappleWorks cloud-based solutions, multiple users can run a single
solution over various devices, from various locations, at the same time.

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How DappleWorks Solutions Work

Starting from our Accounting and Finance Module, we add any permutation or combination of operational modules that are seamlessly integrated, not only into Accounting and Finance, but to one another as well. As a cloud-based solution, DappleWorks offers the flexibility of making additions and customisations in an ongoing effort to always have your solution the way you want it.

At DappleWorks, we do it your way.

Why DappleWorks uses ‘Cloud Power’

International standards of security and reliability

DappleWorks runs exclusively on Microsoft Azure, one of the world's leading cloud infrastructure providers, and in doing so directly inherits Microsoft standards of security and reliability. As one of the world’s leaders in Cloud Platforms, Microsoft invests tirelessly in state-of-the art security, backup and recovery for its cloud infrastructure and boasts a Service Level reliability of 99.95%.

Don’t worry about the hardware… or the updates.

As a cloud application, DappleWorks business solutions are completely web-based. DappleWorks does not require any hardware specification apart from a device with a working internet browser and internet connection. Moreover, with cloud computing, we will take on the scope of updating and maintaining your solution for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

Have access to your business while on the move

DappleWorks business solutions are designed to be ‘light’ and resource-friendly with a small data consumption ‘footprint’. Through diligent architecture design, our solutions are fully optimised and consequently retain full functionality on mobile devices and tablets even when using only cellular data-plans. With DappleWorks you can really take your business with you wherever you go.

Ongoing agility and flexibility

By running on the cloud, DappleWorks business solutions become ‘organic’. As your way of doing business grows, so can our solutions. Being on the cloud allows DappleWorks solutions to be further enhanced and reconfigured even as you are still using them. With our solutions, there will be no concerns of your business ‘out growing’ your solution and having to replace them. We’ll continue to customise and enhance your solution so you can continue doing your business your way.